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State-Chartered Credit Unions

New Credit Union Charters

If you are interested in forming a new state-chartered credit union in Kentucky, please contact Hailey Nolan by email or at 502-782-9091.
Existing Credit Unions
State-chartered credit unions intending to establish or relocate an office facility, expand or alter field of membership, amend bylaws, obtain a low-income designation, or execute a merger must contact the DFI in writing.
Out-of-state credit unions must be authorized to conduct business in Kentucky and should contact the DFI in writing.
New Directors
KRS 286.6-225 provides the specific duties of members of the board of directors. The National Credit Union Administration’s Credit Union Learning Management Service offers videos, webinars, and guides on credit union governance. The Credit Union Learning Management Service’s resources may be found here.

For links to state credit union laws and regulations, visit the Legal Web page.
For More Information
Contact Hailey Nolan by email or at 502-782-9091 regarding the operation and supervision of state-regulated credit unions.
Contact Catherine Falconer​​ by email or at 502-782-9052 for legal questions regarding the operation and regulation of state-regulated credit unions.
More information can also be found on the National Credit Union Administration website.


 Credit Union Documents

Bylaws_Certificate of Adoption_Article Amendment.pdfBylaws_Certificate of Adoption_Article Amendment71 KB
Bylaws_Certificate of Adoption_Bylaw Restatement.pdfBylaws_Certificate of Adoption_Bylaw Restatement71 KB
Bylaws_KDFI Standard Form.pdfBylaws_KDFI Standard Form261 KB
Investment of Funds_Commissioner's Memo_2014.pdfInvestment of Funds_Commissioner's Memo_201441 KB
Merger_Articles of Merger.pdfMerger_Articles of Merger56 KB
Merger_Board Resolution.pdfMerger_Board Resolution113 KB
Merger_Certificate of Completion.pdfMerger_Certificate of Completion53 KB
Merger_Certificate of Merger.pdfMerger_Certificate of Merger56 KB
Merger_Instructions.pdfMerger_Instructions73 KB
Merger_Merger Agreement.pdfMerger_Merger Agreement18 KB
Merger_Notice of Special Meeting.pdfMerger_Notice of Special Meeting104 KB
Merger_Plan of Merger.pdfMerger_Plan of Merger62 KB
Merger_Sample Ballot.pdfMerger_Sample Ballot37 KB
Dividend Request Form_2015-2016.xlsDividend Request Form_2015-201668 KB
Branch Application_Out of State Credit Unions.docBranch Application_Out of State Credit Unions66 KB