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Financial Cybercrime Task Force of Kentucky

Financial Cybercrime Task Force of Kentucky

​​The Financial Cybercrime Task Force of Kentucky is a proactive, internal work group of the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) that focuses on best practice guidance and warnings for the Kentucky financial services industry. The goal of the task force is to identify and address emerging threats in cybercrime and security and to protect the integrity of the Kentucky financial system.

To report financial cybercrime or potential attacks, email the task force at Also email if you have questions or suggestions, or if you would like to be placed on the task force alert list-serve. 

New Resource

On March 24, 2015, DFI sent bank leadership and IT staff a cybersecurity resource from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS). “Cybersecurity 101: A Resource Guide for Bank Executives” is a nontechnical, easy-to-read cybersecurity resource guide to help bank CEOs mitigate cybersecurity threats at their banks. The guide puts into one place industry recognized standards for cybersecurity and best practices currently used within the financial services industry.


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A1115-01 Check ATMs for Skimmers.pdfA1115-0111/16/2015
B0218-03 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Bulletin.pdfB0218-032/19/2015
A0914-01 Shellshock Alert.pdfA0914-019/30/2014
B0414-02 Internet Explorer Vulnerability.pdfB0414-024/29/2014
0414-01 Microsoft XP Bulletin.pdfB0414-014/14/2014
A0414-01 Heartbleed Alert.pdfA0414-014/11/2014