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Public Protection Cabinet

Statutes and Regulations

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS), Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) and other useful information regarding Kentucky law can be found on the Kentucky Legislature website. The Kentucky Financial Services Code was created in 2006 after 11 different chapters of the Kentucky Revised Statutes were combined into a single chapter, KRS Chapter 286. Click the following link for more information on the renumbering. [Doc 26K] If you have a suggestion for legislative/regulatory changes please email it to If you would like to be notified when administrative regulations change, sign up for notifications at RegWatch or fill out and return the Request for Notification of Administrative Regulation form.

Banks and Trusts

KRS 286.1 Department of Financial Institutions
KRS 286.2 Financial Institutions Generally
KRS 286.3 Banks and Trust Companies
KRS 360 Interest and Usury
808 KAR 1:020 Excess Funds Transaction
808 KAR 1:050 Retention of Records
808 KAR 1:060 Automated Teller Machines
808 KAR 1:080 Investments in Bank Service Corporations by State-Chartered Banks
808 KAR 1:090 Stay of Notice of Intention to Remove from Office
808 KAR 1:100 Information to be Furnished and Maintained by Banks
808 KAR 1:110 Investment of Bank Funds
808 KAR 1:120 Loans Secured by Government Obligations
808 KAR 1:130 Loan Production Offices
808 KAR 1:140 Bank Annual Assessment Fee
808 KAR 1:150 Establishment and Relocation of Bank Branches or Offices
808 KAR 1:160 Fees for services rendered to banks and trust companies
Enforcement Actions
Bank Forms and Instructions
Trust Forms and Instructions

Credit Unions

KRS 286.6 Credit Unions
808 KAR 3 Credit Unions
Enforcement Actions
Forms and Instructions

Consumer and Industrial Loans

KRS 286.4 Consumer Loan Companies
808 KAR 6 Consumer Loan
KRS 286.7 Industrial Loan Corporations
808 KAR 5 Industrial Loan

Other Business Exceptions
KRS 286.4-470(1)

NOTE: The following documents highlight major changes as a result of house bills. Changes in the bills are now incorporated into the current statutes and regulations linked above.
Money Transmitters

Deferred Deposit and Check Cashing

KRS 286.9 Deferred Deposit Service Business and Check Cashers
808 KAR 9 Check Cashing
Enforcement Actions
Forms and Instructions

Title Pledge Lending

KRS 286.10 Title Pledge Lending


KRS 292 Securities Act of Kentucky
808 KAR 10 Securities Regulations
DeMinimis Rules [PDF 36KB]
Enforcement Actions
Broker-Dealer and Agent Forms and Instructions
Investment Adviser and Representative Forms and Instructions
Issuer Agent Forms and Instructions
Exemptions and Registrations


Orders of the Commissioner may further clarify statutes or regulations.

Other advisory opinions, orders and notices can be found on the Advisory Opinions page.

Orders pertaining to enforcement or disciplinary action can be found on the Enforcement Actions pages linked in the sections above.