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Public Protection Cabinet

Other Industry Enforcement Actions

The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) investigates complaints and examination findings and may take action against entities and individuals under its supervision. 
Bank and Trust Enforcement Actions
Search for recent and past enforcement actions against banks using the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation search tool. Also bank enforcement actions can be found using the search on the Federal Reserve website. There are no enforcement actions against trusts in effect at this time in Kentucky.


 Other Enforcement Actions

Louisa Community Bank Inc and Gene A Wilson and Kathryn Reid 16AH00081.pdf5/11/17Louisa Community Bank Inc and Gene A Wilson and Kathryn Reid 16AH00081Agreed OrderBank270 KB
Gene A Wilson 16AH00086.pdf12/21/17Gene A Wilson 16AH00086Commisioner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Final OrderBank3452 KB
Louisa Community Bank Inc Gene Wilson and Kathryn Reid 16AH00081.pdf1/17/18Louisa Community Bank Inc Gene Wilson and Kathryn Reid 16AH00081Deputy Commissioner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Final OrderBank1748 KB
Jim Cooper.pdf7/26/07Jim CooperAgreed Order to Cease and DesistConsumer Loan Company156 KB
East KY Finance LLC 16AH00029.pdf3/21/16East KY Finance LLC 16AH00029Final OrderConsumer Loan Company92 KB
Commonwealth Loan Company LLC 15AH00020.pdf3/21/16Commonwealth Loan Company LLC 15AH00020Final Order Revoking Consumer Loan LicenseConsumer Loan Company200 KB
Beacon Community Credit Union.pdf6/8/09Beacon Community Credit UnionFinal Order Denying Application to Amend BylawsCredit Union94 KB
Metavante Payment Services LLC 16AH0055.pdf9/20/16Metavante Payment Services LLC 16AH0055Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter100 KB
US Equity Advantage Inc US Equity Advantage Holdings Inc 15AH00138.pdf9/18/15US Equity Advantage Inc US Equity Advantage Holdings Inc 15AH00138Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter76 KB
Creative Solutions Software Corp 17AH00046.pdf7/19/17Creative Solutions Software Corp 17AH00046Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter624 KB
Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Inc 17AH00054.pdf6/28/17Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Inc 17AH00054Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter635 KB
Unirush LLC 17AH00044.pdf5/30/17Unirush LLC 17AH00044Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter660 KB
Obopay Inc  13AH0106.pdf5/30/13Obopay Inc 13AH0106Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter106 KB
Unirush LLC 16AH00124.pdf4/12/17Unirush LLC 16AH00124Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter421 KB
Gamdirect LLC 15AH0058.pdf4/1/15Gamdirect LLC 15AH0058Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter111 KB
Bannockburn Global Forex LLC 15AH0029.pdf3/9/15Bannockburn Global Forex LLC 15AH0029Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter106 KB
Skrill USA Inc.pdf3/7/13Skrill USA IncStipulation and Cease and Desist OrderMoney Transmitter303 KB
Telmate LLC 15AH00156.pdf12/21/15Telmate LLC 15AH00156Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter125 KB
North American Money Order Company Inc.pdf12/13/07North American Money Order Company IncConsent OrderMoney Transmitter103 KB
Yapstone Inc and Yapstone Holdings Inc 17AH00076.pdf11/28/17Yapstone Inc and Yapstone Holdings Inc 17AH00076Agreed OrderMoney Transmitter716 KB
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