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Credit Help

Successful debt management is critical to your financial health. The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) works to keep you safe from fraud by registering and examining mortgage lenders, consumer and industrial lenders, payday lenders, wire transfer companies, state-chartered banks and state-chartered credit unions. DFI also takes complaints and investigates suspected wrongdoing on the part of those we regulate. While DFI does not directly regulate credit cards, we recognize that these also may play an important part in your financial lifestyle. We want you to have the knowledge to use all types of credit wisely and responsibly. DFI provides information and tools to help you make credit choices that are right for you.
Before signing your mortgage loan documents, make sure the lenders (both the company and individual) are licensed/registered with DFI, and see if there have been any complaints or orders filed.

NMLS Consumer Access

How to Get Help

Use the Quick Links at right for help with debt, mortgage or foreclosure proceedings.

DFI encourages people to check the background of their loan officer, including registration status and possible enforcement actions, online using NMLS Consumer Access or DFI's Search for a Licensee page, or by calling 1-800-223-2579. Consumers also may use DFI's search pages and phone number to check a bank, credit union, payday lender, loan company or investment adviser or broker. DFI also takes complaints on the industries we regulate.  


Unemployment Bridge Program

The Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) is a new forgivable loan option for eligible homeowners to assist them in making their mortgage payments. To be eligible, the homeowner must have experienced a job loss or reduction in income due to changing economic conditions, through no fault of their own, and demonstrate a need for assistance. Program funding can help consumers bring their mortgage current. For more information, call 866-830-7868 or visit
Also, the Kentucky Housing Corp. provides a Home Buying Guide at for those considering getting a mortgage.



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 Games and Quizzes

Control Your Credit

Control Your Credit – Teaches the basics of maintaining good credit through a visit to the Bad Credit Hotel. Users can play the interactive game or go directly to the information using the "hotel directory."

Financial Football Training Camp

Financial Football Training Camp – Features an interactive game with four modules where financial savvy leads to touchdowns. Choose your favorite National Football League team and answer questions correctly to advance down the field.

Credit, Investing, Banking
Money Smart


Money Smart - An Adult Education Program – Provides access to the Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction, an easy-to-use, interactive learning tool that teaches the 10 modules of the Money Smart curriculum through the computer. The program is available online or on CD-ROM in both English and Spanish.
Credit, Investing, Banking

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