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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

As part of our educational outreach program, the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) offers several free teaching guides to high school, middle school and college educators. These resources are user-friendly and can be easily integrated into any business, math or family/consumer science class. DFI also can provide classroom speakers on financial topics for any age or grade.
Basics of Saving and Investing Live "Stock" Adventure  ABCs of Credit Card Finance
Basics of Saving and Investing: Investor Education 2020
The Basics of Saving and Investing is a curriculum focused on investor education and protection. The Basics guide is divided into four units: Getting Started, Introduction to Financial Markets, Making a Financial/Investment Plan and Investment Fraud. Each unit contains learning objectives, suggested activities, overheads, handouts and worksheets. The appendix contains additional resources — including noncommercial Web sites — and a glossary of terms. 
If you have questions or would like to share feedback, contact Kelly May by email or phone at 502-782-9031. Classroom handouts can be made from the book, available online at
You also may find these accompaniments helpful:
DFI Letter to Teachers - Basics.pdfDFI Letter to Teachers - Basics250 KB
Focus on Fraud - Train-the-Trainer 2011.pdfFocus on Fraud - Train-the-Trainer 2011875 KB
Two Dozen Ways to Make Investing Fun for Students.docTwo Dozen Ways to Make Investing Fun for Students44 KB
Using Basics to Supplement the Stock Market Game.docUsing Basics to Supplement the Stock Market Game43 KB
Keep Away the Crooks / Who's Got Your Numbers / Stopping Cybercrime 

Teach your students to fight fraud with these resources:

Keep Away the Crooks Handout.docxKeep Away the Crooks Handout.docx

Ponzi Scheme Demonstration - Classroom Activity.pdfPonzi Scheme Demonstration - Classroom Activity.pdf

Keep Away the Crooks - STUDENT version.pptxKeep Away the Crooks - STUDENT version.pptx (for teachers to present to students)

Stopping Cybercrime Student Workbook.pdfStopping Cybercrime Student Workbook.pdf


Invest Yourself! Teacher Toolkit
Invest Yourself! is an investor education program for high school students that was created by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education and the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions and funded by the Investor Protection Trust. The program goals are to educate students about the importance of developing an investment strategy early in life, introduce students to the basics of the stock market and investing, and introduce students to content from print and online media so they may continue their quest for investment knowledge. Topics include goal setting, decision making, investment products and their risks, time value of money, compounding and more. The program also includes interactive, hands-on activities to keep students engaged in the lessons. The toolkit includes instructions on presenting the program and activities, a PowerPoint with speaker notes, pre- and post-tests, worksheets and handouts. The entire toolkit is available free at

FSI: Fraud Scene Investigator 
Fraud Scene Investigator

FSI: Fraud Scene Investigator is an online interactive investor education program that teaches students how to detect and stop a million-dollar investment fraud and put the mysterious con man, "Mr. X," behind bars. Through this free resource, students learn how to research companies and understand the warning signs of fraudulent investment pitches. To download teacher resources or begin the program, visit the FSI page of the North American Securities Administrators Association, a securities regulator organization to which DFI belongs. 
Budgeting - Students Create a Spending Plan
Middle or high school students can create a real budget based on choices they make, such as whether to rent or own housing, and buy a new or used car. Then they account for their other monthly bills and spending.  Discussion includes what to do if the budget doesn't work out. Download the PowerPoint, complete with notes, to present to the class, or request a classroom speaker.
Financial Literacy Throughout the Year
Multiple days, weeks, and months throughout the year have a finance focus. Because finance touches every aspect of our lives – from business, to home life, to relationships – everyone must be money smart. This presentation and calendar offer ideas for teaching it a little … or a lot. Resources can be tied in with special dates or used anytime.
Making Money Make $ense
Making Money Make $ense is a presentation which can be presented to middle and high school students. It is designed to motivate students to review their financial needs and wants, then make wise money decisions. Relatable examples are provided to encourage setting goals, smart spending, smart savings and smart budgeting. The importance of being "credit smart" from an early age also is discussed. Teachers are welcome to use this presentation in their classrooms.
MoneyTrack Videos 

MoneyTrack is an award-winning public television series about investing that empowers real people of all income levels to become successful investors. Co-hosts Pam Krueger and Jack Gallagher talk with real people who are living examples of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing.
The MoneyTrack series offers unbiased, non-commercial education. In partnership with MSN Money, select video segments of the episodes are available online. The series is distributed by American Public Television. The series is a NETworth TV Production made possible by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust with support from state securities regulators, including Kentucky DFI.
The video clips are appropriate for classroom viewing, such as episode 214 "Millionaire in the Making" about a high school student who built his own $50,000 investment portfolio. Another video that may inspire classroom discussion is episode 305 "Lessons from a High School Scam Artist." To view these video clips and more, visit the MoneyTrack YouTube page and select the video you wish to watch from the list.
Live "Stock" Adventure
The Live "Stock" Adventure is a fun and educational activity for middle school students in grades six to eight. The goal of the Live "Stock" Adventure is not only to raise students' awareness of the value of saving and investing, but also to provide an innovative way to practice specific math skills such as calculating percentages and computing multi-digit numbers.
The Adventure is free to download and may be played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards.
DFI will mail a free set of Live "Stock" Adventure cards to teachers who contact Kelly May by email or phone at 502-782-9031. The instructions and worksheets can be downloaded from
The ABCs of Credit Card Finance 
DFI has partnered with the Center for Student Credit Card Education Inc. to offer free information to students on responsible use of credit cards. This curriculum includes a free workbook for each student called “Essential Facts for Students” and also includes a “Trainer’s Guide” for the teacher. This curriculum offers information to help students learn basic money and credit card management skills. Topics cover budgeting and credit card basics, from credit card costs and selecting the best credit card to credit card dos and don’ts, credit reports and more.
The materials are available in PDF format that can be printed for use in the classroom at the Center for Student Credit Card Education Inc. The website also includes an interactive online lesson with quiz results that can be emailed to the instructor.
ABCs of Credit Card Finance Train-the-Trainer 2011.pdfABCs of Credit Card Finance Train-the-Trainer 2011627 KB
Letter from CSCCE 2011.docLetter from CSCCE 2011138 KB
Teaching Finance Through Online Games

Teach finance in a fun way that will truly speak to your students. Choose NFL teams or international soccer teams and advance down the field toward financial knowledge and victory. Help a teenage girl find out if her grandma is a victim of fraud. Show a video of a real 14-year-old boy who built an investment portfolio of $50,000. Fill extra class time with quick investing, technology or ID theft games. Build saving and investing knowledge by playing putt-putt, visiting a skate park or attending a rock concert. And much more!
TV Teaching - Making Finance and Economics Entertaining
Tune kids in to economics and investing using videos by MoneyTrack, John Stossel and Seinfeld. The MoneyTrack videos are clips from the PBS television series on investing for the average consumer. Stossel’s videos focus on economics and feature teacher guides for each lesson. The Economics of Seinfield makes economic concepts more real for students. Participants will learn how to obtain free videos to use in the classroom, as well as discussion questions to use so that students “get” the message.

Other Resources
  • The LifeSmarts consumer education competition is a fun program that encourages high school students to develop consumer life skills. 
  • Teachers had access to a variety of resources at the Financial Literacy Summit [DOC 41KB], which DFI co-sponsors.
  • DFI has personnel available to give in-school presentations regarding investing, saving, budgeting, lending, credit cards, financial fraud and other personal finance issues. If you would like a guest speaker for your class, please contact Kelly May by email or phone at 502-782-9031 or toll-free at 800-223-2579.