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"Of Interest in Kentucky" is published by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) to provide useful information to the institutions that it regulates, as well as to the public. It is available free via email, as well as through the links below. To subscribe or unsubscribe for email delivery, contact Kelly May.

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Issue 19.pdfIssue 19Winter 2017144 KB
Issue 18.pdfIssue 18Winter 2016132 KB
Issue 17.pdfIssue 17Winter 2015232 KB
Issue 16.pdfIssue 16Summer 20141093 KB
Issue 15.pdfIssue 15Winter 2013265 KB
Issue 14.pdfIssue 14Winter 20121176 KB
Issue 13.pdfIssue 13Summer 20111246 KB
Issue 12.pdfIssue 12Fall 20101152 KB
Issue 11.pdfIssue 11Spring 20101075 KB
Issue 10.pdfIssue 10Fall 20091661 KB
Issue 9.pdfIssue 9Summer 20091099 KB
Issue 8.pdfIssue 8Winter 2008-09484 KB
Issue 7.pdfIssue 7Fall 20081726 KB
Issue 6.pdfIssue 6Summer 2008287 KB
Issue 5.pdfIssue 5Spring 2008334 KB
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